Sales Terms

The undersigned, hereinafter referred to as “Subscriber”, requires the provision of the following services offered by Fts Ltd, through a commitment to pay the amounts set out below and to comply with the contract terms, which agrees by signing and sending this form to the headquarters of society.

Art.1 - The subscriber declares to join the service provided by the Fts Ltd for a period of years 1 (one) from the date of subscription. The renewal will take place automatically with the payment of the annual limit.

Art.2 - This service will cover the following points are marked, for the amount indicated above.

Art.3 - Fts Ltd disclaims any liability with regard to any inaccuracies, errors or interruptions in the supply of data, while committing to do everything possible to resolve and avoid possible problems. If the Fts Ltd not able to provide the service for one or more days, the contract will be automatically extended for a number of days equal to those in which there is interruption of service.

Art.4 - It is prohibited to copy or sub-contracting to a third party software to update data and files covered by this contract. It also prohibited the public disclosure of information without prior authorization by Fts Ltd.

Art.5 - The total resulting in point two, should reach the Fts Ltd in mode ’choice of payment (paypal or by credit cards).

Art.6 - In case of disputes in cases other than item 5 is exclusively competent in the Court of Malta.


Disclosure and consent for processing personal data

I acquired the information specified in the DATA PROTECTION ACT 16 July 1998

of the law itself gives its consent – in particular – to the following treatments of your personal information:

- Treatment aimed exclusively for completion by tFts Ltd of the purposes connected with the fulfillment of its activities and those related to it.
- Arrangements made with the aid of electronic or automated means.
- Data may be disclosed to third parties for the provision of services or storage services.